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Latex is a natural sap of the Brazilian Hevea tree, solidified under the influence of chemical reagents and enriched with additives to achieve the necessary characteristics. This durable material is somewhat reminiscent of rubber but deprived of its specific smell. Cheap disposable latex gloves are widely used in all spheres where hands protection has paramount importance, namely medicine, cosmetology, catering, cleaning, and chemical industry.

Medical Latex Sdn Bhd is one of the largest suppliers in Malaysia, offering grade-A latex gloves wholesale. We value our sterling reputation and strictly control each batch’s quality, striving to eradicate the tiniest defects.

Stunning facts about cheap disposable latex gloves

The primary latex properties pointed out by technologists include globule size, aggregate stability, and others. However, from a consumer point, the following characteristics are of greater importance:

  • Elasticity. Latex stretches and flexes but quickly returns to its previous shape. It is soft and convenient to use.
  • Tactile sensitivity. The gloves made of this material are perfect for jobs requiring retention of tactile sensitivity. The sensitivity is maintained due to the thinness of the material and tight fit to a hand.
  • Hygiene. Hevea juice initially possesses bactericidal properties, and latex preserves them. Gloves made of this material don’t collect dust and mold.

Before ordering latex gloves in bulk, remember that they are disposable and are not intended for reuse. It is recommended to change them every 2 hours.

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If you’re in the market for a reliable disposable hygiene products supplier, you’re now at the right place. Thanks to our product capacities, we fulfill our partners’ latex gloves bulk orders at lightning speed. We have no tolerance for delays, striving to make cooperation beneficial for both parties.

Our ever-expanding assortment of latex gloves for sale comprises dozens of models that feature different properties. Thus, you can go for powdered and powder-free, sterile and non-sterile, single- and double donning gloves at wholesale prices.

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At Medical Latex Sdn Bhd, we pride ourselves on scaling our business to worldwide coverage. Today we ship top-notch latex gloves for sale to any spot on the planet. Our company is a boon to those looking to buy hygiene products with jaw-dropping discounts.

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Should you have any queries, you’re welcome to contact our knowledgeable support staff. We will be happy to assist you!

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