Cheap Examination Gloves in Bulk


No more wondering where to buy exam gloves in bulk

Disposable gloves of various materials and substances are indispensable in a variety of activities. Hand protection and sterility are mandatory in many jobs, from medicine to spacecraft and computing. First, hand protection is crucial for sanitation in hospitals, and cheap exam gloves provide safety not only for patients but also for staff.

Medical Latex Sdn Bhd has the right solution for medical institutions and resellers. Here you can buy exam gloves in bulk. Our sterling reputation and your safety are above all for us. That’s why we thoroughly examine each batch to rule out any defects.

Examination gloves at prices that are lower than elsewhere

We pride ourselves on getting wholesale exam gloves to our clients around the globe. Though we mostly deliver medical gloves to conduct examinations, our other products fall into different groups:

  • Nitrile gloves. They are made of synthetic polymer and are highly durable. You can buy exam gloves made of nitrile to protect your hands from cuts, solvents, and animal fats. Nitrile products are hypoallergenic and are often used in the automotive, veterinary, medicine, and construction industries.
  • Latex gloves. Medical latex for cheap exam gloves must be not only durable but very thin for tactility and prevention of interaction with microorganisms. The material is quite resistant to alkalis, acids, varnish, and paint. Please keep in mind that natural latex is a strong allergen.
  • Vinyl gloves. These products are made from a synthetic copolymer, which is hypoallergenic. They can protect your skin from acids, alcohols, chemical bases, and other chemicals. Another advantage of these gloves is their price. They are considered the most affordable option.

On top of that, our products have subdivisions, like size, color, presence of powder, and other additional features. This can help you get gloves that hit the spot.

Order exam gloves for your facility

No clinic, lab, veterinary, or any other medical institution can do without disposable exam gloves. With that in mind, we offer the widest range of latex, vinyl, and nitrile examination gloves at the price you’re looking for.

Our gloves come in sterile and non-sterile options, with/without powder, and in other configurations to meet the healthcare standards you follow. They can help you ensure compliance with your staff, doctors, and medical procedures.

Need a lot of pairs? It’s up to you to bulk-buy gloves at Medical Latex Sdn Bhd.

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