Finessis gloves are really world class to satisfy all global customers. Special feature of Finessis surgical gloves is its superstructure. Molecular layer technology is used to make the highly integrated gloves with a barrier of awesome protection. Around 20000 nanolayers are found in the flexible dense texture of the gloves for extra safety. Medical Latex Sdn Bhd is an authorized supplier of this top Finessis glove. Your hands will have no dirt, infection, chemical dross and irritant materials because of wearing durable Finesssis gloves. Finessis gloves have the superb donning surface which is helpful to users to use it in dried or wet conditions. Finessis gloves are globally standard and of course good health protectors. In the OR, surgeons have to wear Finessis surgical gloves with nanolayers for maximum healthcare and safety. Protect your hands from chemical accelerators, harmful elements and dirt.

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