Nitrile Cleanroom Gloves

  • Nitrile Cleanroom Glove, Non-sterile
  • 100% Synthetic Nitrile Latex
  • White, Blue
Design & Features
  • Ambidextrous, palm and finger textured, beaded cuff, off line double chlorinated with cleanroom process
Particle Count
  • Class 100, Class 1000
  • The gloves shall maintain their properties when stored in a dry condition. Avoid direct sunlight
  • 5 years from the date of manufacturing


In terms of durability and firmness, choose Nitrile Cleanroom Glove product. It is excellent for keeping your hands fresh and free of germs. The donning texture of the glove helps you to cover your wet hands. It is user-friendly for working in the factory. Fingers and palm are well textured. It is non-sterile glove. Medical Latex Sdn Bhd supplier is the perfect place for buying these biodegradable long lasting nitrile cleanroom gloves at discounts. Send your enquiry to the Medical Latex Sdn Bhd exporter to know about the stock to get the cheap nitrile cleanroom glove.

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