Nitrile Examination Damp Donning Gloves

  • Powdered & Powder-Free, Non-sterile
  • Synthetic Nitrile Latex
  • White and Blue
Design & Features
  • Ambidextrous, textures, beaded cuff
  • The gloves shall maintain their properties when stored in a dry condition . Avoid direct sunlight
  • 5 years from the date of manufacturing


Nitrile examination damp donning gloves must meet your requirements. Particularly, people who want a damp donning surface with the gloves to use it freely and comfortably. It doesn’t matter whether your hands are slippery and wet. Easily, insert hands into the pockets/compartments of nitrile examination damp donning gloves. Your grips will be protected. It doesn’t want you to put extra force to wear or remove the gloves. For holding, shifting and moving any wet or moisture covered products, use this nitrile examination damp donning glove. Right now, on the Medical Latex Sdn Bhd site, the reputed online glove supplier, the awesome brand damps donning gloves made of nitrile latex are availed at the best prices.

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