• Polyisoprene Dental Dam, Powder-Free, Smooth, Non-sterile
  • 100% Synthetic Polyisoprene Quality Latex
  • Purple
  • Vanilla
Design & Features
  •  High quality, polyisoprene rubber, strong and tear resistance, for single use only
Storage Condition
  • Non-latex dental dam shall maintain their properties when stored in a cool and dry place. Avoid direct sunlight
  • 3 years from the date of manufacture with the above storage condition
Packing Style
  • 6” x 6″ | 36 pieces/box, 40 boxes per carton


Non-latex dental dams are effective for patients who have tendencies to be affected by allergies. There are many guys whose skin textures don’t confirm the latex leather due to the risks of recurrent allergic reactions. Non-latex dental dams are flexible, hygienic, expandable and qualitative. It gives patients optimum dental care and safeguards during any type of surgery or clinical diagnosis. To have the best non-latex dental dam, buyers need the top Medical Latex Sdn Bhd exporter. It is considered to be a reliable supplier of the top-notch beautiful non-latex dental dams at low prices. Contact Medical Latex Sdn Bhd to have a hassle-free latex dam shipment service.

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