Product Name: Protective clothing

color: White

Weight: 41g / square meter

Specification: M/L/XL/XXL

Features: soft, light, breathable and waterproof (liquid spray-like water); anti-static, low-sludge, strong and durable.

Material: This product is made of specially treated high-density polyethylene fiber fabric, and is made into a hooded piece structure, which is sealed by rubber strip.

Scope: It is suitable for providing barrier and protection for blood, body fluids, secretions, etc. of potentially infectious patients exposed to the disease control personnel during work.

This product only sells protective clothing, and the rest of the model is for shooting needs.

Tips: It is normal to measure the measurement error of 1-2 cm by hand. Due to the shooting environment, lighting and display, color difference may occur. Please refer to the actual product.

Delivery time: If you have not received the order within 30 days, please contact us. For more similar products, please check our store.

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