Material: SMS, PP nonwoven, PP+PE coated,Microporous
Color: White, blue, orange, green etc.
Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL
Package:1PC/Polybag, 50PCS/Carton


Whether it’s SARS or novel coronavirus pneumonia, medical protective clothing plays a vital role in every spread of the virus, and the quality of medical protective clothing is gradually improving with the improvement of production technology.

Medical protective clothing is a combination of hats, tops, and trousers. Medical protective clothing has good moisture permeability and barrier, has the function of resisting the penetration of alcohol, blood, body fluid, air dust particles, and bacterial virus, effectively protect the safety of personnel and keep the environment clean.

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Manufacturing of medical protective clothing

The common medical protective clothing usually consists of a hat, top and trousers. Through cutting, stitching, tightness, adhesive pressing tape and other manufacturing technology, we can produce qualified medical protective clothing. In the whole process, the machine involved is mainly sewing machine and glue pressing machine.

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